Lee County's Grants Management and Administration 

Grants Administration Manual

Lee County's Administrative Code (AC 3-17: Grant Program Administrative Procedures) establishes the Lee Board of County Commissioners' (BoCC) Grants Administration Policy and establishes the Lee County Grants Administration Manual as the process- and role-driven uniform guidance to manage the life cycle of Lee County grants to meet the Grantor's and County's objectives.

Lee County seeks grant funding as an option to fund projects and services that advance the County's core functions and emerging needs. Grant funding comes with expectations that all work including the management of the grant award will follow the highest standards of project performance, budgetary adherence, and regulatory compliance. The BoCC Grants Administration Policy is implemented to optimize how the County Manager's Office, departments, and staff pursue and administer grant projects and funds.  Adherence to this policy will result in alignment with a strategic approach to funding opportunities, a uniform and transparent approach to pursuing grants, grant tracking, reporting, and accountability for each grant compliance requirement.

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