​Lee County is dedicated to making it more convenient for our citizens to learn about how their government functions by providing information in a transparent, easily accessible way. Lee County's website has received an A+ Sunny Award for transparency from the national nonprofit Sunshine Review in 2011 and 2012. We encourage you to participate in the process.

Government Structure

Q: How is Lee County's government organized?
A: Lee County has a Home Rule Charter. The five-member Board of County Commissioners is the legislative and governing body of the County. Each County Commissioner is elected at large for a four-year term of office, representing and residing in one of the five Commission Districts. (Find your commissioner.) The Board elects a new Chairman on the third Tuesday each November to serve as its presiding officer.
The County Manager (the County's chief executive officer), appointed by and serving under contract to the Board, is responsible for the execution of all Board policies and for the administration and operation of County departments. The County Attorney and the Hearing Examiner report directly to the County Commissioners.

Q: What are the "Constitutionals"?
A: The Constitutional Offices include the 20th Judicial Circuit (Courts/Medical Examiner/Public Defender/State Attorney), Clerk of Court, Property Appraiser, Sheriff, Supervisor of Elections, and Tax Collector.

Q: How are powers divided among the Commission and the Constitutional Offices? 
A:Separation of Powers In Lee County Government

Q: Does the Lee County Board of County Commissioners oversee ...

my city government officials? ​No
mosquito control​No
​the health department?​No
the school board?​No
the hospital board?​No

Q: Who are my state and federal representatives?
A: Find your Florida Elected Officials


Q: When does the County Commission meet?
A: Regularly scheduled board meetings are held the first and third Tuesdays of each month at 9:30 a.m. in the Commission Chambers in the Old Lee County Courthouse, 2120 Main St., downtown Fort Myers. Agendas, transcripts and video archives are all posted online.

Q: How does Lee County meet the requirements of Florida's Sunshine law?
A: The Sunshine law requires that 1) meetings of boards or commissions must be open to the public; 2) reasonable notice of such meetings must be given, and 3) minutes of the meeting must be taken. Find notice of public Commission meetings in Lee County's Legal Notices and on the Board of County Commissioners Calendar. Each meeting's minutes are prepared by the Lee County Clerk of Court Minutes Office.

Q: How can I participate in County Commission meetings?
A: County Commission meetings are open to the public. You can attend in person (Public Participation in Meetings- Admin Code 1-3). If you cannot attend, simply view the agenda and submit an eComment online prior to the meeting. Watch the meeting broadcast live on LeeTV , Comcast cable channel 97 or CenturyLink's Prism TV channel 88.  

Q: How can I become a member of an advisory committee?
A: View the Advisory Committee Search page to find a committee that interests you. The number of vacancies is listed in parentheses. Then fill out an application.

Public Records/Official Documents

Q: How can I view the latest Lee County codes and ordinances?
A: Lee County Administrative Codes; Lee County Ordinances/ Lee County Ordinances (codified)

Q: How does Lee County spend taxpayer money?
A: Lee County Budget Services has an archive featuring the Annual Operating & Capital Budget Book, as well as workshop and meeting information for the current fiscal year's budget process. 

Q: How can I request a public record that I cannot find on the website?
A: Visit our Public Records Requests Center for details.

Q: How can I view the financial disclosure statements of Lee County employees?
A: Visit the Lee County Supervisor of Elections website to search Filed Financial Disclosure Statements. Visit the Florida Commission on Ethics website to Search for Financial Disclosure Filers and learn about required Financial Disclosure Information for public officers and employees.

Public Forums

Q: Does Lee County participate in social media?
A: Yes. Many Lee County departments have a variety of social media accounts. Read our Public Comment Policy and join the discussion. 


Q: How can vendors do business with Lee County?
A: Lee County's Procurement Management department can provide you with details on the bidding process. Visit Procurement Management's Do Business With Lee County page for more information.

Q: What are Lee County's rules for lobbyists?
A: Our Lobbyist Information page contains the Lee County Lobbying Ordinance, necessary forms, and a link to all forms filed with the Lee County Clerk of Court.